Nasal Retainer

The Pharmacleft® Nasal Retainer is a device especially developed for patients with a cleft lip and can be used in treatment for a deviated septum and/or nostrils, before and after nose surgery.

Nasal Retainer

Medical Use

The Pharmacleft Nasal Retainer® is used in treatment of a deviated septum and/or nostrils. The retainer can be worn prior/after cleft lip surgery and nose surgery.

The Nasal retainer -also known as a nostril retainer or a nasal stent- can be used separately or as part of the NAM-treatment (Nasoalveolar Molding) for infants born with cleft lip syndrome.

Prior to surgery, the device helps to correct deformities of the nasal septum and nostrils to a more centered shape. After surgery, the Pharmacleft Nasal Retainer® is used to sustain the results of the surgical correction and further shape the nasal dome.

Nasal Retainer


The Pharmacleft Nasal Retainer shapes the nasal dome in a natural centered position and creates good airflow at the same time. The curved design enhances the symmetrical shape of the nostrils. The device has two tubes that are interconnected with a ‘connection bridge’ for safety.

We use a special biocompatible silicone that combines optimal user comfort (soft touch) with enough resilience to shape the nose.

The Pharmacleft Nasal Retainer is a device especially developed for patients with a cleft lip.

Nasal Retainer



The Pharmacleft Nasal Retainer comes in different sizes to make a perfect fit for every patient.

Sizer set

To help medical staff decide which size to use for their patient, a sizer set can be ordered.

 SizeColumella size (N) mmOverall width (W) mmOrder Reference (REF)

Bilateral cleft lip patients

We have made great effort so that our standard sizes also perfectly match for bilateral cleft lip patients. However, every patient is unique. Please, contact us if you want to know more about our bilateral cleft lip models.


The Pharmacleft Nasal Retainer can be customised to your wishes. For example it is possible to make Nasal Retainers where one nostril tube is bigger than the other. Contact us if you want more information about this.


The Pharmacleft Nasal Retainer comes in different colours. We even have a glow in the dark colour to encourage children to use the retainer. As standard, our retainers are transparent and thus not coloured. Contact us for more details on coloured Nasal Retainers.

Download the Instructions for Use (e-IFU).

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