Pharmacleft Nasal Retainer now available all over Europe.

For almost 2 years, we have been working on the development of a new product. Today, we can proudly present you the Pharmacleft Nasal Retainer.

The Pharmacleft Nasal Retainer addresses one of the problems that might come with cleft lip syndrome: patients with a cleft lip often have a deviated septum and a flattened nose tip. Our Nasal Retainer helps to centre the nose and create a nose tip by applying light force to the septum and nasal cartilage. Therefore, the Pharmacleft Nasal Retainer is made of a special selected biocompatible silicone: soft to the touch, but enough resilience to make a difference.

The Pharmacleft Nasal Retainer is CE-certified and is now available to the European market. If you are an international customer or an international distributor, please contact us.

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